South King County Bad Date Line

We are starting South King County Bad Date Line!

A “bad date” is someone who is violent or dangerous toward those of us working in the sex trade. We share identifying information about dangerous people we encounter, such as what they look like, what car they drive, where they were, and what they did, so that we can help each other make more informed decisions about what we do. We welcome people of any gender to report bad dates.

You can give us an anonymous report through:

1) phone/voice mail: 206-249-6040
2) email:
3) facebook message to @aileenshome
4) in person at Aileen’s open hours or outreach
5) using the form below (you can use the form below to send any questions too):

Please include as much information as possible, such as: how the bad date looks like, what name they go by, color and make of their car, where and how you met them, what they did or try to do, around what time, etc. If you feel comfortable, please tell us your demographic information (race, age, gender, sexuality, etc.) because certain bad dates target specific kind of people and it helps to know about that.