We are starting South King County Bad Date Line!

We are starting South King County Bad Date Line!

A “bad date” is someone who is violent or dangerous toward those of us working in the sex trade. We share identifying information about dangerous people we encounter, such as what they look like, what car they drive, where they were, and what they did, so that we can help each other make more informed decisions about what we do. We welcome people of any gender to report bad dates.

You can give us an anonymous report through:

1) phone/voice mail: Leslie @ 253-241-1205
2) email: baddate@aileens.org
3) facebook message to @aileenshome
4) in person at Aileen’s open hours or outreach
5) on our south king county bad date line page

Contact us if you have any questions!

Support Black mom and kids stay together & stay housed

Support Tee & Kids
Support Tee and Kids Stay Together & Housed!

Click this link to donate to help Tee and her kids!

Tee is a single Black mom with two beautiful girls ages 7 and 9. Tee’s story is one of hardship, homelessness, and systemic racism, as well as incredible resiliency, strength, and a mother’s love. Racism, childhood abuse, and a lack of support led Tee to struggle both emotionally and financially as a young adult. After a devastating break up that left Tee to raise her daughters alone, she fell into using drugs as a coping mechanism.

Tee’s love for her daughters led her to call Child Protective Services for help. That’s right Tee called the state of Washington for help to go to treatment and get stable housing for herself and her daughters and in return the state of Washington literally kidnapped her children.

Even though there has never been any allegation of abuse or neglect toward her daughters the state has used the fact that Tee admitted she had used drugs to remove them from Tee’s care for almost two years. Although the state never helped Tee to get treatment nor housing and have actively worked against her every step of the way, Tee has struggled through homelessness and heartbreak to get herself into treatment, get a part time job, and transitional housing.

Tee came to Aileen’s over a year ago now. She started as a peer who attended our hospitality space and soon joined our Peer Leadership program and became a key peer leader. Tee showed up on the regular and worked hard helping to run Aileen’s including outreach, distributing food to the community, and hosting our space. Most importantly Tee brought herself. Tee has a way of making things fun and the other women look up to her.

Tee loves to sing and dance and joke around but she also has a serious side when advocating for her women of color, LGBT, and recovery communities. As a mother Tee is amazing. She has kept up any and all contact she has been allowed with her daughters including daily phone calls and supervised visits. Tee is open and honest with her daughters and takes the time to really listen to them.

Recently, Tee has been hired as paid staff at Aileen’s. We are so lucky to have her as our case manager and office assistant and she has been branching out into community education, giving presentations, and working one on one with peers on their goals. In addition, Tee joined with some of the other peer leaders to found an independent, collective recovery house where women can stay for up to one year. This is where Tee currently resides and where her kids could stay with her in a safe, supportive environment.

Unbelievably, this still isn’t good enough for the state of Washington! They are still erecting barriers and refusing to return custody to Tee. At this point Tee desperately needs an attorney who can expose what the state has been doing and get her daughters returned to her ASAP. Time is running out as the state could soon permanently terminate Tee’s parental rights with no chance of ever getting them back.

Tee needs money to pay a retainer for a good attorney and to get permanent housing for her and her daughters. Please help in this battle against the racist New Jim Crow drug war policies that are continuing to be used to tear apart Black families.

Aileen’s November 2020 Update

Hello friends of Aileen’s!

It has been a difficult year, but Aileen’s continues to support women in south King County in best ways we can.

Since mid-March, we’ve had to close our communal space and switched our services to food and resources giveaway out of a parking lot. Our peer leaders, volunteers, and staff gave away boxes and boxes of food, clothes, hand sanitizers and masks, harm reduction supplies, and other stuff, expanding our services to anyone who needed them to counter immediate impact of the lockdown.

In late summer, we took a week off for what is going to be our annual peer leader retreat. We brought in a trainer to talk about our individual and community priorities and accomplishments, and map out our future. Over the last year, we have stepped up case management for our peer leaders on things like getting driver’s license back, dealing with court and CPS issues, etc. and peer leaders are beginning to take greater power and responsibilities within our organization, with three peer leaders moving on to become paid staff members for Aileen’s.

Aileen's Retreat 2020
Aileen’s Retreat 2020

We also began to slowly re-open our space, allowing 1-2 people inside at the time so that they can use our bathroom and shower. We also set up a canopy outside our space with an outdoor heater so we can meet our peers there. That has become harder under the Governor’s new order limiting outdoor gatherings to five people or less, but we are working to protect everyone’s safety while providing what they need. We prepare hot nutritious food from scratch for 50-75 people every week like split pea soup, chili, chicken and dumplings, and cole slaw. In addition to our outdoor canopy, we currently go to three locations on our outreach van to continue providing food and supplies to everyone in need, especially with the return of the cold, rainy season.

Prepping for Outreach
Prepping for Outreach

Particularly high on our updated wishlist are: blanket, coats, socks, hand warmers, boots, propane bottles, tents, hand sanitizers. We also need clothes, food, and other personal supplies. And in case you are wondering, we also take cash 🙂

If you have something you can drop off, please contact us.

Donations can be made online at:


Volunteering for Aileen’s looks different because of the COVID restrictions, but we continue to need volunteers who: 1. cook food before our outreach (outreach is every Tuesday evening, so cooking need to be done on Monday or Tuesday morning); 2. drive our van when we go out on outreach (also Tuesday evening), or help with data entry. Please contact us if you are interested. (And also, if you are an existing volunteer, thank you and we still need you.)

Also: we were recently invited by another social service provider to give a couple of online trainings (one about harm reduction and another about supporting sex workers and people in the sex trade) and it was a great experience. Our new peer leader turned staff Teranie and Devyn joined co-founders Leslie and Emi on these presentations. We want to do more! If your organization needs a staff training on these topics–or have some other idea–please contact us!

Thank you for your support + let’s hang in there!

Free Food in Federal Way & South King County – COVID edition

Here are places offering free food and other stuff in Federal Way and surrounding areas during the COVID-19 crisis. If you know of any other resources or information is outdated, please let us know so we can fix it. (Last updated: June 12, 2020)

Tuesdays & Thursdays 8-10pm
Pac Hwy. & 312th St. Federal Way parking lot

Federal Way Black Collective
Fridays 12-4pm
33720 9th Ave. S Federal Way

The Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd
Saturdays 1:30-2:30pm
345 S 312th St. Federal Way

Christian Faith Center
Mondays 5:30-6:30pm
33645 20th Ave. S Federal Way

Calvary Lutheran Church
Thursdays 5-6pm
2415 S 320th St. Federal Way

Trinity Community Church
Wednesdays 3-5pm
3807 Reith Rd. Kent

Sundays 11am-2pm
20842 International Blvd. Seatac

Federal Way Food Bank
Mondays & Wednesdays 9:30am-2pm
55+ only – Thursdays 11am-1pm
4th Thursday 5pm-6pm
1200 S 336th St. Federal Way

For a more comprehensive list of food programs in King County, click here.


Aileen’s June 2020 Update + Standing In Solidarity with #BlackLivesMatter

It’s June and we are in the midst not just of an ongoing epidemic that continues to threaten the lives of many of our community members but also of a national moment of reflection and action over white supremacy and police violence on Black, indigenous and people of color upon which this country is founded. We are heartbroken by ongoing assaults and murders of Black people at the hands of the agents of the State as well as by the society that is too quick to rely on them, yet encouraged by the outpouring of empathy and outrage in response to the tragedies.

We at Aileen’s stand in solidarity with the family and friends of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmed Aubrey, Charleena Lyles, and countless other Black men and women who have been brutalized and murdered by our white supremacist institutions, and with the movement for Black lives in calling not just for the arrest and prosecution of individual officers involved, but for systemic changes. If you have not already, please follow and support Black Lives Matter Seattle-King County (facebook, twitter).

For our neighbors in Federal Way (where Aileen’s is located) and nearby areas, follow Federal Way Black Collective, who is holding a Juneteenth screening of the award-winning documentary film “13th,” which traces the genealogy of over-policing of Black communities, mass incarceration, and prison industrial complex to American chattel slavery. They are also looking for volunteers who can help out with their food distribution that they are starting next week Friday.

June is also the LGBTQ Pride month. It is hard to feel like celebrating anything right now, but we are proud of the legacy of queer and trans women of color and others who have risen up against racialized police violence in June 1969 as the police raided Stonewall Inn and ever since, and we commit to carrying on their quest for equality and justice within our organization, our region, and in the larger society.

Here’s the update from Aileen’s for June: we will continue to provide food, clothes, supplies, and other stuff twice a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays) at our location in Federal Way (contact if you need more detail) as we did for the last couple of months. HOWEVER, in the last two months we were donate pre-packaged meals to distribute (150 meals each day we were out there), but that supply of food has ended at the end of May. That means we have to buy food and prepare them so that we can continue to feed people in need at our van location, which will be a lot more expensive and time-consuming that it had been before, but we can’t stop feeding people in the time of crisis.

So as always we appreciate your continued support of Aileen’s—use GoFundMe (one-time) or Patreon (monthly contributions) to donate online, or contact us if you need donation receipts for tax purposes (we need to process tax deductible donations differently). We also need donations of food and supplies—please see our updated wishlist for what we need at our giveaway van location.

Thank you + stay safe + stay connected!

May 2020 Update from Aileen’s

Dear Aileen’s fam,

It’s May and we wanted to update you about how Aileen’s is continuing to support our women and our communities.

Since the lockdown began mid-March, we noticed that many services for communities experiencing homelessness and poverty have shut down. For example, there used to be a van parked near our space every week operated by a faith-based group that provided food and resources to our folks but no longer. In response, we decided to take over their location and now our staff and peer leaders are there twice a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays) providing food, clothes, supplies, and more. Please see our social media accounts (Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook) for some photos!

We also temporarily extended our services to anyone who needs them (as opposed to just women who engage in sex trade) as the community needs were far greater than ever before. COVID-19 isn’t the only emergency faced by this population, as access to food, clean water, public restrooms, showers, laundry, place to rest, etc. have become sparse. We can’t replace everything that is missing, but we are doing what we can.

We have received a couple of grants as well as generous donations from our friends and family, but we often run out of things to give out during first hour or less, so your continued support is desperately needed at this time. Most desired items are: food, good clothes, tents, sleeping bags, blankets, tarps, hygiene items, gift cards to grocery stores. Please see our complete and updated wishlist.

We of course appreciate $$$ donations. For monthly donations, go to Patreon; One-time donations can be made via GoFundMe. If you need a donation receipt for tax purposes, we need to process it differently so please contact us.

Please take care of yourself and our community and let’s live through this together.

Aileen’s July 2020 Schedule — Expanded services in response to COVID-19 crisis (Updated)

Starting July, we are beginning to re-open our space for our women so that they can enter up to two persons at the time to use the shower and receive other services while continuing to provide food and other resources to anyone who needs them.

Tuesdays @ 8-10pm
meet us at the location Hope Van used to go @ Pac & 312th (parking lot near World Ministries, 1627 S 312th St). everyone welcome (men & women).
food, hot drinks, harm reduction and other essential supplies.

Thursdays @ 8-10pm
harm reduction supplies available at the Hope Van location on Pac & 312th.
showers for women only (first come first served) available at Aileen’s. contact for the location.

Aileen’s is a peer-led grass-roots group providing hospitality, community outreach, and leadership development for women working along the Pac Hwy.

If you are a woman who work along the Pac Hwy and have other urgent needs, please call Leslie at 253-241-1205 or talk to one of the peer leaders at the above location.

Aileen’s 1 Yr Anniversary Update & How we are responding to COVID-19 pandemic

Hello friends and family of Aileen’s,

As we are collectively facing and dealing with social and economic impacts of the ongoing pandemic, we wanted to update you, our friends and family, about where Aileen’s is on its first anniversary.

We didn’t imagine the world under quarantine when Aileen’s was founded about a year ago, but we couldn’t have imagined how far our peer-led hospitality and community organizing project by and for women working along the Pac Highway would grow either. In the last year, we have formally launched peer leadership program, which provides intensive case management and stipends to our peer leaders that enable them to run various aspects of Aileen’s, from hosting our drop-in hospitality space to doing harm reduction outreach and community-based action research. Our peers have come a long way—many of them are progressing toward their goals, including getting needed medical treatment, getting into housing, staying away from violent environment, rebuilding or maintaining relationships with their children, etc.

Circumstances surrounding our peers, many of whom lack stable housing, have been dire for a very long time. But things have gotten much worse under the current pandemic. Libraries, day centers, and other public spaces–where our peers receive services, use restroom, take shower, wash hands, cook or have a meal, be warm, interact with family and friends, charge their devices, and access health and public assistance information–are shut down. Without access to public wifi, many of our peers cannot connect to the internet or communicate with anyone. They do not have anywhere to lay down or self-isolate themselves to protect themselves and others. Their income from day labor, panhandling, street vending, and underground economy is way down in a ghost town, which leads them to take greater health and safety risks in order to survive and take care of their needs. They are having to travel further to get food and other resources they need, which is putting themselves at the risk of contracting or spreading infections. Many of the women we serve are women of color and/or trans or gender-diverse individuals who face extra stigma and violence on top of being homeless or having dependencies on substances, even at healthcare facilities, making them less likely to seek medical attention, and even when they do, they may not be treated respectfully.

Sadly we are not currently operating our drop-in hospitality space due to the pandemic, but we are still meeting our peers at our new space to hand out food, pre-packed meals, clothes, blankets, harm reduction supplies, health information, and other resources while minimizing risks associated with crowding. We have purchased cheap phones and prepaid phone cards to our peer leaders so that they can stay in touch with us as well as with their family and friends, and also access health information for themselves and their communities. We are increasing staff hours (including hiring a new part-time employee with public health background) in order to take additional health precautions, and obtain and provide resources that are in greater need due to other services closing.

In short, this is a difficult time for all of us, and particularly for women of Aileen’s, but we are still working for our women. And we will get through this together.

Will you join in our effort? We are not looking for regular volunteers because our hospitality space is closed, but we need donations more than ever! Do you have non-perishable (good, healthful) food? Good clothes? Tents, sleeping bags, tarps, propane, backpacks, etc.? Maybe I’m fantasizing, but maybe even masks, hand sanitizers, alcohol and bleach wipes, etc.? We need them all!

As always, we appreciate cash donations as well—donate online via GoFundMe (one-time) or Patreon (monthly pledge) so we can provide what our women need. Ideally we’d like to have enough funds to house our peers in a motel for a couple of weeks and deliver food and necessities to them when they are exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 but we don’t have that kind of resources at this point. Please help us prepare for that, and pay for the additional expenses mentioned above! We realize that many of you are also experiencing financial hardship or uncertainty due to business closures and impending recession, and we really appreciate your support.

Please stay connected (virtually), take care of yourself, your family, and your community, and let’s live through this together.

Last chance to donate to Aileen’s in the year 2019!

We only have one day left in 2019 which means there is only one day left to donate to Aileen’s before the new (tax) year.

To make a tax deductible contribution to Aileen’s via our fiscal sponsor, Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs, please give through this Paypal link: https://bit.ly/2sCESYS

When you donate through the Paypal link, please also email to alert us that you’ve made a contribution, because sometimes we don’t get notified.

Otherwise, you can donate directly toward purchasing supplies and providing direct aid to our peers through GoFundMe (one-time donation) or Patreon (monthly pledge):


As we explained in our last post, our lease will end in March and we will have to find and move to a new location in a few months to avoid being next door neighbor to the newly opening police substation. Please tell your friends about Aileen’s, share our website (www.aileens.org), and ask for their support as well to continue and grow Aileen’s into our second year.

Thank you so much + have a wonderful new year!

Aileen’s 2019 Accomplishments, Hopes and Challenges for 2020 (pls share widely!)

With 2019 nearly over and 2020 fast approaching, we at Aileen’s are super excited about what we have accomplished this year. Leslie and I (Emi) have been dreaming of a place like Aileen’s for many years, but it was less than a year ago when we learned about the potential County funding for new services for people engaging in/experiencing sex trade and actually began working on starting it. We invited in other women who share backgrounds in the (mostly) street-based sex trade, and together we built Aileen’s.

We opened our community organizing and hospitality space on Pac Highway in April. Using the space, we provided welcoming and accepting community for a diverse group of women, along with food, clothes, harm reduction supplies, opportunities to get involved, and more. Our contract with King County began in October, which allowed us to hire Leslie as the full-time director and lead case manager and Evan as a part-time program coordinator.

Our peer leadership project also began in October, which offers stipends for our peers (women experiencing homelessness and other adversities and are or have been in the sex trade) to lead our various programs, including harm reduction community outreach, community-based action research, social justice education and arts, and now operating the drop-in hospitality hours themselves. These opportunities are combined with intensive case management where peers receive support addressing barriers and working on the goals they set, including housing, healthcare, legal issues, family reunification, and employment, among others. Peer leadership also have the chance to develop job and life skills such as time management, effective communication, and self-care.

Through these programs, our peers interact with the rest of the community members at encampments, other social service agencies, etc. making them leaders of their own communities, not just leaders of Aileen’s. People outside of Aileen’s family are beginning to recognize our peer leaders as valuable members of their communities who are bringing in life-saving harm reduction supplies and amplifying their voices through action research.

Peer successes so far include women addressing serious health issues, receiving STD, HIV, and hep C testing, and starting medication assisted opioid treatment through our partnership with King County street medicine team that shares Aileen’s space bi-weekly. One of our peers got a legit job, another visited her children for the first time in two years, several have received support around domestic violence and/or sexual assault, and multiple lives were literally saved through the Narcan distributed Aileen’s.

Maybe more than anything else Aileen’s has afforded our peers a chance to organize and bond as peers, both inside and outside of Aileen’s. One peer summed it up this way: “The female to female bonding and camaraderie are hard to find. Because of Aileen’s we look out for each other now. That can be drastically important. A woman could literally die out here and no one would even know.” Another says “I don’t come here to get a microwave burrito or a coat. That is nice and I appreciate it but that is not why I come to Aileen’s. I come here because of the acceptance. I come here so I won’t feel judged. I come for the love.”

The reality is that all of this programming is expensive. The multiyear funding from the County is mostly paying for staff salaries and peer leadership stipends, which is what we wanted them to fund, but we also have to raise additional money for rent, utilities, food, and emergency assistance fund. Our rent is pretty low right now, but our lease is up in March and we cannot stay at the current location because the Police Department is now planning to open a substation next door to us (is it us?). In addition, our space is too small and lacks desired amenities such as shower, washer/dryer, and kitchen. We must find another location soon that is affordable and not surrounded by police cars and surveillance cameras.

We have limited time frame to figure out what to do come April 2020. We need to have several thousands of dollars cash for move-in costs and for likely increased rent, and we need it quickly. That is why we are asking our friends and supporters to give us a little more financial contribution toward Aileen’s continued success. We especially would like to have more monthly donors–no amount is too large or two small–as it would bring more predictability and stability to our finances.

To pledge to become a monthly supporter of Aileen’s, please sign up on Patreon:

To make a one-time donation to Aileen’s, please go to GoFundMe:

If you need a tax receipt for your contribution to claim tax deductions, please contact us before making the donation on above links. Please share with your friends on and off social media as well!

Thank you everyone, happy holidays and have a wonderful new year!

Emi Koyama
Aileen’s Board of Directors