Aileen’s July 2020 Schedule — Expanded services in response to COVID-19 crisis (Updated)

Starting July, we are beginning to re-open our space for our women so that they can enter up to two persons at the time to use the shower and receive other services while continuing to provide food and other resources to anyone who needs them.

Tuesdays @ 8-10pm
meet us at the location Hope Van used to go @ Pac & 312th (parking lot near World Ministries, 1627 S 312th St). everyone welcome (men & women).
food, hot drinks, harm reduction and other essential supplies.

Thursdays @ 8-10pm
harm reduction supplies available at the Hope Van location on Pac & 312th.
showers for women only (first come first served) available at Aileen’s. contact for the location.

Aileen’s is a peer-led grass-roots group providing hospitality, community outreach, and leadership development for women working along the Pac Hwy.

If you are a woman who work along the Pac Hwy and have other urgent needs, please call Leslie at 253-241-1205 or talk to one of the peer leaders at the above location.

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