Last chance to donate to Aileen’s in the year 2019!

We only have one day left in 2019 which means there is only one day left to donate to Aileen’s before the new (tax) year.

To make a tax deductible contribution to Aileen’s via our fiscal sponsor, Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs, please give through this Paypal link:

When you donate through the Paypal link, please also email to alert us that you’ve made a contribution, because sometimes we don’t get notified.

Otherwise, you can donate directly toward purchasing supplies and providing direct aid to our peers through GoFundMe (one-time donation) or Patreon (monthly pledge):

As we explained in our last post, our lease will end in March and we will have to find and move to a new location in a few months to avoid being next door neighbor to the newly opening police substation. Please tell your friends about Aileen’s, share our website (, and ask for their support as well to continue and grow Aileen’s into our second year.

Thank you so much + have a wonderful new year!

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