Aileen’s OPEN HOUSE at the new location — Wednesday, September 21st @ 6pm

Hello Friends & Fam,

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We have a great news: we have a new location, which is a lot bigger and nicer than the last two spaces we occupied, thanks to State Sen. Claire Wilson and Rep. Jamila Taylor’s advocacy to help us access more funds.

We are working hard to set up the new space while we continue doing outreach, peer leadership development, and the rest of our regular activities serving women and trans/nonbninary folks working along the Pac Highway.

Here are some photos of our new space as we continue the process of moving in:

We are inviting our friends and family to an OPEN HOUSE on Wednesday, September 21st at 6-9pm. Join us at the new space to come check it out, meet our peer staff, and learn more about what we do + how you can be involved. The location (which is to remain confidential) is provided prior to the event date to people who RSVP, but it is on Pac Highway in south King County.

Thank you + we hope to see you in September!

We will be tabling at Seattle Trans Pride on September 2nd. Please come say hi!

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