Help our peer leader who is being held in jail for a 2-year old prostitution charge (Update: RELEASED!)

We have a great news. The peer leader/volunteer who has been involved with Aileen’s was released from jail on her own recognizance this afternoon. This was the outcome that we had hoped for and we got it. We will continue to work with her to address other concerns the judge told her to take care of before her next appearance in July, and either get the charge dropped or help her show up so this won’t happen again.

Thank you so much to many of you who donated toward her bail. It turned out that the bail was not needed, but we were prepared to bail her out today if it was needed (we were determined to bring her back with us one way or another).

If you wish to have your contribution refunded to you, please let me know before Friday; otherwise, we will spend some of that money to address her other needs so she can avoid going back to jail, and reserve the rest for the next time one of our peers need help with the bail and court-related expenses.

Again, thank you for supporting us and our women! Please continue to contribute toward our general GoFundMe page instead of the bail fund.


Original post follows:

One of the peer leaders/volunteers who have been helping Aileen’s during our start-up phase is in jail since Wednesday. This amazing Black woman is held on a $2,500 bail for a two-year old prostitution charge. Her new court appearance isn’t until the 26th which is more than two weeks away and we want to help her get out sooner. Like right now.

Please contribute toward our jail support/bail fund so she can get toiletries and other necessities while in jail, make phone calls to family and friends, and get out!

Any money left over after assisting her will be reserved for providing jail support and bail for our peers in the future.

(We do still need help with our general expenses so keep that coming too, but right now this woman’s freedom is much more urgent.)

Join Aileen’s OPEN HOUSE on May 7th!

Aileen’s, our new organizing and hospitality space for women working along the Pac Hwy, welcomes our friends and supporters to the OPEN HOUSE to check out our space before the official launch and meet each other. Join us at our space in Federal Way (on Rapid Ride A bus line) on Tuesday, May 7th @ 6-9pm.

Because of the sensitive nature of the project, we are not publishing the address at this point. If you are interested in joining us for the open house, please contact us before Tuesday.

Support Aileen’s, Support Women on Pac Hwy

Aileen’s is a new peer-centered organizing and hospitality space for women working along the Pac Hwy. We have already gotten a space in Federal Way and are fixing it up for the opening in early to mid-May.

We are going to post more information soon, but for the moment please visit our GoFundMe page to make donations to stock our supplies, help us maintain the space, and offer stipends to peers who will be on our steering committee and/or helps out with our outreach efforts.

Please note that we do not yet have a 501(c)(3) tax exempt status, so your contributions will not be tax-deductible. If you wish to make a tax exempt donation, that can be arranged with one of our partners. Please contact us if you are interested in this option.